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By working with Yield you gain access to a team of well rounded creative professionals who understand your farmers’ needs. In fact, we visit your farmers and capture their true on-farm stories.

Our Work.

Take a look at some of our agri-projects, we bet you have seen some of our work already.


Sharing stories leads to on-farm efficiency. The future is in the ear.

Samen NZ

Creating the future of efficiency through the use of strategic genetic with Samen NZ.

ABS Australia

Working to create sustainable, profitable genetic solutions for the Australian dairy industry.

Woodleigh Belgian Blue

Together with Rt Hon Sir Lockwood Smith and Samen NZ have teamed up to breed the Dairy Beef Solution of the future. The Kiwi Blue™.

Check out the large variety of projects we have undertaken for Samen NZ over the years.


Senztag are dedicated to helping farmers take advantage of leading technology to increase on-farm efficiency

Check out the large variety of projects we have undertaken for Senztag over the years.

Calf Club NZ

We a proud to have created and supported Calf Club NZ since day one.

ABS Beef

ABS Beef are charging ahead with some of Australias most influential beef sires.


Arbortree believes every family deserves a well maintained green-space.

We are proud of our farmers.

Every time we visit a farmer we create a new friendship and an in depth understanding of what it means to be a farmer.

Marketing is a battle of perception, not products & services

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few valuable insights we have found along our journey to success. For more monthly hints and tips join our free monthly newseletter.

Farmers Connect Online

Farmers in their limited downtime enjoy connecting online. Discussing issues they face on-farm and solutions innovated to overcome those roadblocks farmers spend a lot of time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. To find your market it is always great to explore discussions, run some small targeted adverts or even give your loyal customers a call and ask them where they spend their time online.

Print Still Matters

Print marketing is still a critical medium in connecting with the farmers of New Zealand. Certain publications have a lot of integrity, while others are overwhelmed and only focus on advertising revenue. Before advertising in a publication of any kind, you should always browse through the publications and evaluate how many adverts are on each spread. The more adverts placed on a spread reduces the attention received from viewers and thus reduces the value of those adverts.

Own A Category & Stand Out

Industries are split into categories and as time goes on new categories emerge. Being first in any market is highly desirable as it is much easier to sew the seed when it is new. Entering a highly saturated category can often be fruitless or much more expensive as other brands will already own that category in people’s minds. Think GoPro, it is an action camera but in your mind, regardless of the brand, it is a GoPro. A great place to start is what category are you in and who are your competitors.

Be The Purple Cow

Is your brand distinguishable in your market? If you flick through a publication and visit your competitor’s websites is there a common theme such as colour usage or tone of voice? If you are not the top dog of your industry it is critical you be aggressive and stand out from the crowd, don’t just blend in else you will struggle to grow.

Create A Strategy

You need to have a strategy in place that everyone in your communication team understands. If an isolated group has your strategy in their head but the rest of the organization is unaware it can be very hard to robustly execute that plan. Your strategy at a high level should be simply making it incredibly easy to be creative with and execute in a variety of styles.

Don’t be afraid to share your farmers’ stories. Show your strength without hesitation, you are either marketing your business or standing still. A critical piece to Agri-Marketing in New Zealand is sharing your farmers’ stories and being genuine with them. Allow your farmers to be heard and talk to other farmers about their success. This removes the SELL SELL SELL nature of selling and wins their trust.

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